Monthly Archives: December 2017

The Power of Passion

This segment was Originally recorded at the Power of Success Conference in Toronto Canada. A ONE DAY MEGA EVENT, entrepreneurs, teams, and leaders from all of over the country came together to get training on Sales & Marketing, Negotiating,

The Secret to Mentorship | Sam Bean

What can we do to ensure that once we find valued resources that we can keep them in our organizations? After a lot of research and working with a lot of professionals the past few years, the message that is being sent is very clear!

Wisdom with Women | Felecia Henderson, Christina Murray, Earlene Buggs

Many woman ask the question. Am I doing enough? Does my work really matter? These thoughts plague many women, and it is seen as common. Keion Henderson discusses and discovers with these leading ladies that it is okay to recognize [such] doubt but that…

A Meal with a Mogul and a Minister – Part 2 | Holton Buggs and Pastor Anthony Murray

Rhythm is the systematic arrangement of a repeated pattern. In this Part 2 of A Meal with A Mogul and a Minister, the discussion is about the implementation of consistent success habits. Understanding how consistency is a critical need to take action i…